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1. Tell a bit of yourself, and about how you became an artist that you are today?

Hi, and thank you for featuring me! I am currently studying Radiological Sciences, and I hope to be working in the medical field after I get my degree and licenses. I’ve always drawn a lot since I was little, but I had never discovered many other artists and art styles until I joined deviantart in 2005. I was really amazed by the people I saw there and how well many of them drew. I was too shy to talk to any of them (still am sometimes haha), so I just spent a lot of my time looking at their art. It was around then that I started drawing more seriously and strived for improvement. I’m really thankful for the art communities and the people the I’ve met both online and in real life, because they have all given me the motivation to work harder and become a better artist! 

2. What inspired you to become an artist?
I have an aunt who knew how to draw, and I’d follow her around as a little kid asking her to draw me things out of Sailor Moon and Disney movies. Later on after I moved away, I decided to draw on my own since my aunt wasn’t around anymore, and I never stopped drawing after that. 

I have never received proper education in art, so I’m not sure if I can be considered an artist in that sense. I’ve decided against pursuing a degree in art for many reasons. What I value most is the freedom I have right now on when and what I draw. I’m able to draw only the subjects that I like in the style that I enjoy, and there’s nothing stopping me from taking a break for a week or two if I get burnt out. If I became an artist who needs to make a living, I’m fairly certain that I can no longer enjoy such a degree of ease and freedom. 
I really do think that life as an artist could be a wonderful thing, but I just don’t see myself to be cut out for it. So I opted out and chose a profession that I CAN do on a daily bases, and will still (hopefully) leave me with enough time and energy to draw on the side! I will never stop drawing because it’s always been what I feel best doing. 

3. What are the tools you use to draw with?

I use a 0.3mm mechanical pencil for my doodles and sketches, Copic multiliners to ink, and Copic Sketch markers or Photoshop CS5 to color. 

4. What is your most favorite subject to draw, And why?

I enjoy drawing girls, animals, nature, and clothes/fashion the most! I often draw things that have more of a positive vibe because I would like for people who look at my art to feel at ease and happy. 

5. Can you share a bit of a process in creating your artworks?

I usually start with a pencil doodle, which I then refine into a clean pencil sketch. If I want to color it traditionally, I would ink it with multiliners then color with Copic markers. After coloring, I will re-ink the drawing to clean up the details and darken the lines that the eraser has faded. If I want to color it digitally, I scan in the cleaned-up sketch and color on that directly. I like my pencil lines far more than my inked lines, so I don’t ink it again on the computer. 
I’ve made a few walkthroughs of my drawing process before, so here’s a link to one of them: It’s a bit old, but the process is still the same! 

6. Do you have any things you can share to fellow artists?

I think the best thing to do is to stay positive about yourself! There’s been so many instances where I see artists put themselves down and degrade themselves in ways that I really think is counterproductive and unhealthy. When you compare yourself to others too much, the negativity can really get to you. Personally, I can’t work well under pressure, so I go at my own pace even if it’s as slow as a snail sometimes. Just relax and enjoy yourself!

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